Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard threatens to storm off set - "I've had enough!"

"Right, I've had enough. I'm going"

GMB: Ben Shephard threatens to storm off set after getting 'grief'

Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard caused chaos this morning after threatening to storm off set.

The presenter said that he had "had enough" as he threw down his papers and stood up to leave.

Political commentators Iain Dale and Ayesha Hazarika were discussing a range of topics before the uproar.
The host threw down his papers after being given "grief"(Image: ITV)

Ben thanked Ayesha for joining them and Iain for staying until the end - pointing out they are both West Ham fans and desperate to leave matches by the final whistle.

After Iain called out Ben for "not defending" him, the host told Iain not to give him any more "grief"..

As he stood up, Ben said: "Right, I've had enough. I'm going."

A shocked Kate then urged her co-host to sit down as the guests were left in stitches.

Assuring viewers, Kate said: "Lots more still to come. We'll get everyone back. Don't go anywhere."

It comes after Iain dramatically stormed off the set during a fiery debate, which left him unable to pitch in.

The panel was discussing news of a recording of Jonty Bravery telling his carer that he wanted to kill someone.

But as the debate got fierce, Iain abruptly said: "OK, I won't speak."

The guest then ripped off his microphone and walked away from the debate as hosts Ben and Kate beckoned him to stay.