A woman never really wants you….until you are in a relationship. Whether you are broke or not. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

REAL TALK: Broke men are dateable, too


In Summary

I was listening to a podcast and I stumbled upon an interesting topic. Their discussion and their opinions made me stop and think.

We have been conditioned as men over and over again that if you’re broke, you’re undateable.

Men, there is no excuse or statement from anyone in the world that should stop you from experiencing a relationship.

Here’s why that statement is a load of nonsense, with all honesty. When you’re in your late teens and early 20s, no one really has money.

At this point, the only source of pocket money you’re getting is from your parents. If most of us had to wait until we make money to experience our first sexual encounter, we would be getting laid in our 30s.


Why wouldn’t a woman want to be there as you build as opposed to coming in and seeing the finished product? The women of this generation want the final thing. They’re not willing to put in the work to build a man as he builds himself.

I’ve had friends who’ve gone through the worst life has to offer and they’re dating. Deep into debt, no money, nothing was going well for them. Their girlfriends from decent families (they’re also decent themselves) helped them buy their first new car. The ladies were there for them….but as my fellow men tend to do to relationships, they messed up eventually.

A woman never really wants you….until you are in a relationship. Whether you are broke or not. You can be single for as long as you want but the minute you get into a relationship, you suddenly become attractive.

You cannot let being broke stop you from dating. Guys who are broke are generally more creative than guys with money.

Dating over the years has changed thanks to a lot of standards being implemented. You have to give your girl flowers, take her to date nights, picnic dates among others.

Sometimes women will say “I’m not about to go below what I used to.” But you cannot be as exclusive as a woman who tells you “you can’t date when you’re broke”. Women sometimes are their worst enemies.

Life is not a replay. We all start from somewhere.

You don’t know which direction life is going to take you. By being told “you shouldn’t date while broke” you have no idea what role that person will play in your life.


Life changes in a split second, like BOOM! One thing happens and it leads to another. You can be working in a job with low salary rates but your life changes in the blink of an eye the minute you fall in love with the daughter of some prominent politician. I had a friend once who was just starting out in radio and his life changed when he dated a famous Instagram influencer and model.

But if you are broke and you undermine yourself, you’re messing yourself up. If you are broke and you’re working on getting your money up, that is acceptable. One of the greatest turnoffs for women is guys who say “I got cash, let my money work for me.”

Trust the process. Not having as much coin never stopped me from dating. I once did a few 200 bob dates at a famous kibandaski nearby campus and we were both happy and content.

Then again, would ladies be open to dating a broke man?

At the end of the day, it’s not you making the decisions, it’s them. Give them a reason to.

Let’s say you go to church on a Sunday. You are beginning the climb of the financial ladder. You spot a  gorgeous lady who shows interest in you. You approach her after the service, she tells you “Marvin, you are cool but…..holla back when you get a job.” You’d be heartbroken but not as much. You would feel bad for her because she lost out on an amazing guy like you.

You shoot your shot and a woman declines because you’re broke. Most of us have got laid more when we didn’t have a single coin. We got more creative.

Money or no money, everyone deserves the headache of relationships. Sure they’re hard but they’re interesting. Wouldn’t you like to fall in love?

Personally I have been afraid to fall in love again!

Love can be scary, but you have to let yourself go and be like “I’m open for business again” like how Liverpool came from three goals down in the Champions League semi-final first leg last season to beat Barcelona 4-0.