Hopper’s Alive In Spoiler-ific Sneak Peek At ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4


With a fourth season of “Stranger Things” on the way, the series dropped a brief clip Friday morning that contained a bombshell: Presumed-dead Jim Hopper is very much alive.

The clips clears up the mystery at the final moments of the third season’s finale. After Hopper (David Harbour) had seemingly met his end in a huge explosion, a short scene took viewers into a Soviet prison camp, where a guard makes reference to “the American” before feeding a different prisoner to a caged Demogorgon.

Thanks to that scene, fans were convinced that Hopper had somehow managed to avoid being killed in the blast, but had been captured and transported to Russia.

The new snippet, shared via Twitter with the caption “From Russia with love,” confirms the theory, set in a snowy Russian gulag where prisoners are banging railroad spikes.

The camera eventually comes to rest on one prisoner, who slowly turns, takes off his hat to wipe sweat from his brow — revealing himself to be none other than Hawkins’ chief of police.

No word yet on when the fourth season of “Stranger Things” will debut, but given the year and a half that’s typically separated seasons, the best guess has new episodes debuting sometime at the end of 2020.
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