‘Ninja cops’

WITH just 28 months left in the six-year Duterte presidency, it’s certainly high time to step up the pressure on the Philippine National Police (PNP) to rid the agency of “ninja cops.”

Admittedly, however, kicking out of the country’s premier police agency, of “ninja cops” and other “rotten eggs” is better said than done.

Like other suspected criminals, such as rapists, thieves, bank robbers, murderers, insurgents and terrorists, it takes time to identify, arrest and prosecute erring police officers and men.

That’s why it is heartening to know that 14 “ninja cops” have expressed intention to avail themselves of early retirement, according to PNP chief General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa.

The 14 were among 357 police officers and men who were relieved from their posts and ordered to undergo a thorough adjudication regarding their alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

Reports said the suspected erring policemen include two star-rank officers, 10 colonels, 27 lieutenant colonels, 27 majors, four lieutenants and the rest non-commissioned officers.

The PNP chief, a known disciplinarian, made it clear to the 14 lawmen that it does not mean that the police leadership will stop going after them once they have retired from the force.

If these retirees continue to be involved in the illegal drug business, General Gamboa said “we are going to place you on another list, which is the national watchlist of the PNP.”

And people are made to believe that the PNP is determined to apply the full force of the law to those found to be engaged in illegal drugs either as a protector of a syndicate or a drug user.