Mnangagwa attends Gukurahundi meeting in Bulawayo


President Emmerson Mnangagwa attended a meeting with Matabeleland Forum on Friday to discuss the Gukurahundi genocide that took place in the 1980s.

The meeting which was coordinated by WOZA leader Jenni Williams included Chiefs and former ZPRA cadres.

Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba said, "The President had pledged to engage all and sundry, deepening the culture of Dialogue in the Nation. The notion of Dialogue covers and goes beyond political .leaders and parties to cover different interest groups in society.

"The meeting follows up on several ones early on, and tackles the burning issue of the conflict which occurred early in our Independence. The President has made it clear discussions/debates on that regrettable phase of our history should not be criminalized. Exhumations of victims are being done in terms of laid down procedures administered by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Issues of birth and death registration, as well as those related to health, are being tackled."