Xiaomi: the new security checks on MIUI 11 will report you abnormal app behavior


The release of Android 10 has led to a profound revision in the management of permissions for applications, with the intention of providing the user with greater control over background activities and limiting certain accesses through a notification.

However, the system is not perfect. Xiaomi, for example, is working on a new function to be part of MIUI 11 capable of alerting the user when an application requires particularly sensitive authorizations.

The discovery was made by XDA. The feature is called “App Behavior Records” in MIUI 11, and it logs when apps are launching other apps in the background or when they are using sensitive permissions. The behavior recorded is as follows.

“Sensitive actions” on MIUI 11 seemingly include the following.

Each authorization is registered by MIUI 11 and sent to the user as a notification, so that it can be kept under control and possibly blocked in the case of an unknown application or perhaps installed without permission.

In short, it is an additional deterrent to safeguard user safety and provide an additional control tool within the customization of Xiaomi. The tests are currently underway for a small number of users, so it will take some time before it will arrive in one of the next versions of MIUI 11.

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