Photo of the Day: Coronavirus valentine bouquet

The bouquet has surgical masks and hand sanitizer ready for unwell lovers


Coronavirus-prevention bouquet (Facebook photo by Rigel Thomas) Coronavirus-prevention bouquet (Facebook photo by Rigel Thomas)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Despite the relatively low novel coronavirus incidence in the Philippines—so far there have only been three cases and one death—the issue is clearly on the minds of Filipinos, inspiring preventative measures and memes alike.

Filipino content creator Rigel Thomas posted an inspired image of a Valentine’s Day bouquet filled with an N95 Particulate Respirator, surgical masks, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial soap, and even a few flowers. The image is without a caption, but one is hardly needed.

At press time, the Philippines just announced that it will be restoring flights to and from Taiwan, according to Reuters. A travel ban related to the coronavirus had previously been in place, which was affecting many Filipino workers.