He doesn’t show much passion!


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Dear Bunmi,

My boyfriend is great in many ways, and I love him to bits. The problem is he never makes me feel special.

I know there are more things in a relationship than mushy cards and presents, but I need some romance in my life. In the two years, we’ve been together, he’s never once taken me out without me dropping hints.

I’m fed up with always asking him to,  how romantic is that? So, should I just grin and bear it?

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Dear Dora,

Why should you grin and bear it? Unless you’ve asked your man to do something, how would he know you want him to do it? It’s unfair to expect him to deliver unless you have been clear with him exactly what it is you want.

So, without nagging or whining, just tell him straight that there’s one thing he’s ignoring that would really make you happy. When he asks what, suggest one or two things he could do without your prompting, like presents and huggings. If there are one or two things you want him to do in the bedroom, you should also speak up.


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