Imagen de la campaña del Barça en solidaridad con el pueblo chino | sport

Barcelona show support for Chinese people affected by coronavirus


Barcelona have announced measures to show their support for the Chinese people following the outbreak of coronavirus, which started in the Asian country and has spread around the world. 

"The Liga fixture between Barça and Getafe this Saturday at 4.00pm CET at the Camp Nou is to be preceded by a solidarity action promoted by the club to show its support for the Chinese people affected by the coronavirus outbreak," the club said in a statement on Friday.

"Visitors Getafe have also agreed to get involved and both teams will be coming onto the field in the company of boys and girls from the Penya Dracs Units Xinesos, the Chinese Barça supporters club based in the city, wearing a shirt with the message Stronger Together in English and 中国加油 in Chinese, meaning 'Support for China.' The message Stronger Together will also be appearing on a canvas laid out on the pitch both in English and Chinese. 

"The club is thus making good of its global influence to express its solidarity and support for China, and especially the people affected by a virus that has already led to over 1,300 deaths and 60,000 people infected in the country. Stronger Together expresses how, in a globalised world, the outbreak of an epidemic like coronavirus is something that could happen anywhere at any time, and could affect anybody. The message is that we should all stick together in the face of adversity.

"The club also wants to make a stand against the stigmatisation and even discrimination against Chinese people since the coronavirus appeared. The struggle against social exclusion and discrimination is one of the goals of the Barça Foundation and in cases like these the aim is to raise awareness against the discrimination of anyone on the basis of their origin, race or ethnicity."