Cyclist knocked off his bike when Tesco van turned into cycle lane


Video has emerged of the moment a cyclist was slammed to the ground by a Tesco delivery driver who turned left across a painted cycle lane.

The dramatic footage, shot on a helmet cam, shows the delivery van pulling up alongside the cyclist using a blue cycleway in Vauxhall, London.

He indicated and immediately turns into a side road and the path of the cyclist, knocking him from his bike in a painful collision.

Chris Impey, who shot the video and has been in contact with the cyclist, said the driver of the van had refused to tell police who was behind the wheel at the time.
The driver indicated and turned left into the cyclist’s path (Picture: Chris Impey)

He claims police were not able to charge him with a driving offence as a result and instead charged him with failing to provide details of the driver.

Chris, of Surrey, said that in an uncut version of the footage, the driver claimed the cyclist had been in his ‘blind spot’.

The cyclist was ‘very lucky’ to be able to ride away from the scene, he added.

He said: ‘As someone who cycles through London daily I see a lot of issues on the road. I was knocked off my bike once, which is why I wear a camera on my helmet.

‘The victim in this case was very lucky he wasn’t more seriously injured. His leg came very close to being caught under the wheel of the van.’

The incident happened in May last year along Cycleway 8 near Vauxhall Bridge Road. Last month, the driver appeared at Lavender Hill Magistrates’s Court where he was handed six points, a £300 fine and £332 in costs.

The video of the incident is now being shared widely on social media as a reminder for both cyclists and drivers to be careful on the roads.
The cyclist was ‘very lucky’ to be able to ride away from the scene (Picture: Chris Impey)

PC Harry Rance, who responds on a bike in the City Of London, shared a clip of the incident on Twitter and said: ‘Just a reminder that a bit of different coloured paint isn’t going to protect you from incompetent drivers.

‘Plan for the worst and remember the road is a shared environment.’

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine, who frequently films his own experience riding on London roads, retweeted the video with the caption ‘no point in paint’, referring to the blue marked cycle way.

A Tesco spokesperson said: ‘This was a distressing incident and we’re very sorry that it happened and wish the cyclist a full recovery.

‘We invest a lot of time in training our drivers to work safely and considerately and will continue to do that.’