Photos posted online of an unidentified foreign man seen panhandling with a child around downtown Bangkok. Images: The Expat Mummy Club, Bangkok

Thonglor police looking for suspicious foreigner with child


Thonglor police said Friday that they have attempted unsuccessfully to track down a foreign man who has been begging for money in Bangkok with young children.

A week after saying claiming to be unaware of the man routinely spotted with a sleeping child, an officer at the station said Friday that an officer rushed to Soi Sukhumvit 36 after receiving a tip this week but could not locate him. The officer, who did not give his name, was not sure which day of the week it was but said the officer arrived to the scene “within three minutes.”

The unidentified man has been the subject of numerous reports online stretching back to late last year. People have said they were concerned because he appeared to have different children with him who they worry have been drugged. 

Seen this man? Bangkok police deny reports of suspicious foreigner with child

He has been seen throughout Bangkok, but mostly along Sukhumvit Road at places frequented by tourists and travelers, such as BTS Skytrain stations. Witnesses describe him as a middle-age white man usually carrying a backpack and young child.

A child protection hotline that’s fielded reports said it has forwarded them to the police to no avail.

Childline Thailand Foundation advises anyone seeing the man not to call its hotline but to immediately contact the local police department. For Thonglor police, that’s 02-390-2240. Lumphini is 02-255-5993, and Pathumwan is 02-215-2991.

Members of the public can also try police hotline 1599. The tourist police hotline is 1155.
The man reportedly seen recently near the Miami Hotel in a post to The Expat Mummy Club, Bangkok.
Man seen near Terminal 21 in an image posted Jan. 27 to the Expat Mummy Club, Bangkok group.


Seen this man? Bangkok police deny reports of suspicious foreigner with child