“My stage performance is poor and I’m working on it” – Fantana admits


Fantana thought it wise to try her hands-on music after all Patapaa has made everyone believes that doing music and becoming popular is easy in Ghana.

But Fantana perhaps after taking inspiration from Patapaa and ending up as a musician has come to the realization that she has a very bad stage permeance and she needs to work on it accordingly.

In an interview with Giovanni Caleb on TV3’s Showbiz 360, she revealed that one of her Achilles heels is stage fright which she is frantically dealing with.

“I still have a lot of work to do especially when it comes to performances. I’m still dealing with stage fright because I’m not really used to performing in front of a large crowd,” Fantana said.

She added that because she was not raised in Ghana, she is learning to acclimatize to how the music industry works in Ghana. Fantana added she is working hard and learning fast to stay above waters.

“Music and performance isn’t something I was doing prior to moving to Ghana. I think I just kinda came out and I just got on big platforms so I’m making all my mistakes on bigger platforms but I’m learning fast.”She added.