Single this Valentine's? Here's 10 reasons why that's a good thing (and it involves chocolate!)

It's time to celebrate your freedom!


Valentine's Day is often a miserable occasion for singletons, but it doesn't necessarily have to be.

Yes there are loved-up couples holding hands and smooching at every turn, but are they really as happy as they look?

And do you really want to spend the day making another person happy, when surely your own happiness should be paramount?

You do you, hun

Surely the number one benefit of being single on Valentine's Day is you can do what you want, when you want.
You can have a happy Valentine's Day – especially if you're single (Credit: Pixabay)

You have absolutely no obligation to plan breakfast in bed, splash out on fancy matching underwear, be super-grateful for that usually dodgy gift or fake a smile as you're handed half-dead flowers.

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Instead you can spend the day doing exactly what you want – whether that's catching up on Love Island, having an at-home pamper session or consuming all the wine.

Money, money, money

Valentine's Day is such a pricey occasion. Cards, gifts, new outfit, dinner, drinks… Being single on February 14 does have its upsides because you'll have none of that expense.

Unless of course you fancy splashing the cash on a new outfit, or that designer handbag you've been coveting!

Chocs away

Who knows and loves you better than anyone else? Yourself! You know exactly what your favourite chocolate is, what jewellery is your taste, and what dinner you’re in the mood for.
They'll be no need to share these bad boys (Credit: Pixabay)

Being single means you don't have to hope that someone else will get it right and buy you that huge box of Valentine's chocolates you've been eyeing up in Tesco.

Treat yourself just how you’d like to be treated.

Sharing isn't caring

On the subject of chocolates, if you're single you won't have to share yours with anyone.

Singletons can eat the best chocolates in the box and nobody is going to whine about it.

Happy Galentine's Day

Who really needs a romantic partner to celebrate the day with when you no doubt have a cracking circle of friends all ready to celebrate Galentine's Day!

Grab a bunch of your besties and head out on the town and choose to celebrate the amazing love you share with your friends this February 14.

Your dance floor anthem is, of course, Beyoncé's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

Ready to mingle

And, if you do decide to go out tonight and you're single and ready to mingle, you can pretty much guarantee that everyone else who's out in a crowd will also be single.

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So if you do happen to be looking to find your significant other, tonight may well be the night.

Haven't met you yet

Being single this Valentine's Day also means that you haven't met the right person yet.

Would you really want to be spending all that time and effort celebrating the occasion with someone who wasn't the right one for you?
Celebrate Galentines's with the girls (Credit: Pexels)

No, us neither. Plus, when you're stuck in the wrong relationship, the potential for something better to come along is stuck too…

You're simply free to find the relationship you deserve.

Fight club

If you do happen to pop out for dinner tonight, take a look around you and see if all those so-called loved-up couples are actually happy – or at each other's throats.

Valentine's Day is the source of many arguments because of the pressure and expectation of making such a grand romantic gesture.

We'd rather couple up with one of the new KFC Popcorn Chicken pizzas to be honest!

Cheap thrills

No one said that all the cracking supermarket dine-in deals and discounted prosecco offers were just for couples.

Take advantage of the offers that are on at the supermarket by stocking up on steak, something sparkling and that expensive heart-shaped box of chocolates that'll be heavily discounted come Saturday.

The way to our heart

Happier times are a-coming – and naturally they involve food.

Once Valentine's Day is done and dusted we can focus on what we really love about February. Pancake Day.

It's less than two weeks away singletons, so we hope you're in the mood for some tossing!

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