All the Best UK Network Deals Available for the Samsung Galaxy S20+


The Samsung Galaxy S20+ might not be out in the UK for over a month (!), but that isn't stopping the networks from gladly sticking up sales pages and getting you to pledge to hand over your money once the phone is actually released. After all, you can't get a pair of Galaxy Buds+ if you don't pre-order, because nobody ever thought of spending £159 to buy them on their own.

Unless otherwise stated, all contracts are 24 months long, exclude trade-in offers, and include both unlimited calls and texts.

BT only has the S20+ with three plans which makes choosing easy if you're dead set on having your phone with the network that really should have been folded into EE by now. The cheapest is 6GB of data with £64 a month and £50 upfront, while the most expensive is £74 a month, £10 upfront, and nets you 100GB of data.

If that's too much, the mid-tier contract is £69 a month, with £10 upfront, and gets you 30GB of data. But that's your lot.

The S20+ is only available as a 5G model, so going to EE makes a bit of sense. After all they have the most geographic 5G coverage right now, and if you're paying up for a 5G phone you might as well be able to take advantage of that.

Your cheapest plan is £64 a month with £50 upfront, and that gets you 30GB of data. But the £69 a month plan (with £30 up front) comes with 120GB of data each month - a much better deal, just ask anyone.

Unlimited data is at the top end and that's going to cost you £74 a month and £0 upfront. Of course it doesn't come with any perks, and if you want those you're going to have to cough up an extra fiver a month and pay £79 for the three.

giffgaff will have the new Galaxy S20, but so far there's nothing on its website to let you actually buy them. That said, it won't be doing plans like other networks, and your choices are to buy one SIM free, or pay monthly using RateSetter, and then grab a goodybag plan separately.

The S20+ will cost £999 on its own. Goodybags start at £6 a month for 500MB of data and go all the way up to £25 a month for an Always One plan - which nets you 80GB of full speed data, then reduced speeds (384kbps) between 8am and midnight afterwards.

As ever all O2's plans are customisable, but if you want to take a look at the kinds of prices there are on offer then you can check out the stock plans that are listed on site. All of them are £40 upfront and last for a full 36 months.

The cheapest plan offers 3GB of data and costs £47 a month (£26 for the device and £21 for the allowances). But for an extra £2 a month you can get 5GB of data which is a better deal if you ask me.

If you want unlimited data you'll have to pay £61 a month, and while that seems a lot O2 has also thrown in six months to Amazon Prime Video or Audible to sweeten the deal.

Sky splits up the bills, making things nice and simple for you. So you end up paying a minimum of £37 a month for the phone, and then add the cost of the plan on top of that. Thankfully there are no upfront fees advertised.

Plan wise the cheapest you'll get is £6 a month for 1GB of data, though jumping up to £10 currently gets you 10GB a month - which is a much, much better deal for you. At the top of the line you'll pay £25 for 25GB, but beyond that there's no more data to buy.

Three doesn't have a great many plans to speak of for the S20+, but there are bundles with other devices. We're mainly focussed on the phone itself. All plans come with £79 a month upfront, and the cheapest overall plan is 4GB of £51 a month. Or for £4 a month more you can get 12GB a month instead.

If we're talking unlimited you're able to get six months of the 24 month plan half price, meaning you're only paying £33.50 a month for the first six months. But after that you have to pay £67 for the final 18.

Over on Virgin you can get the S20+ with 1000 minutes and 1GB of data for £57 a month. But that's a bit rubbish, and bumping yourself up by £8 a month will get you 36GB of data and 5000 minutes instead.

There are a lot more expensive plans available, but if you want a lot of data the current offers mean you can get 120GB (and 5000 minutes) for £73 a month.

If you're an existing Virgin TV or broadband customer, however, you can get unlimited everything for £83 a month. It's a lot, but it's not as bad as some of the other networks.

Vodafone is another one that has 5G going on, so you can get the S20+ and take full advantage of what it has to offer. Your cheapest bet isn't your best, though, because you have to spend £60 a month and £169 upfront, all to get 5GB of data.

You could go for £5 more a month, and just £49 upfront, and you can get 20GB of data to enjoy. At the top end you can get unlimited data, which you can get for £75 a month and £29 upfront. That's Unlimited Max too, which means none of those nasty speed limits Vodafone has been slapping on cheaper unlimited data plans.

Of course you can also add a single streaming subscription to your plan, which will cost you an extra £6 a month.