Watch Hugh Jackman Share An Epic Moment With Wolverine Fan


Wolverine star Hugh Jackman's recent #WednesdayWolverine throwback has gone viral. The video shows actor meeting a hardcore Wolverine fan and has an epic reaction. Hugh has always been thankful and very interactive with his fans of the films and his music shows.

The video clip shows the epic interaction between the Wolverine fan and Hugh Jackman post a show at a concert. Reportedly the incident took place in October 2019 and was shared online once again the actor on Instagram stories. It quickly went viral on social media and in the best thing on the internet today.

It shows Jackman with drumsticks in his hands interacting with the audience when he notices, the fan in Wolverine tee standing close to the stage. He then charges towards him in the comic book character signature pose.

Hugh then also took his phone to film the moment and spoke into it. He later reached down to hug the fan before heading back to the stage. The fan had an epic reaction to the surprise, as he can be seen jumping around and confused the entire time.

Hugh Jackman shares a Guinness World Record with co-star and actor Patrick Stewart for portraying one comic book character for 16 years. While Hugh has played Wolverine in the entire X Men Franchise, Patrick has been seen playing the character Professor X for the same amount of time.

Hugh was seen as the comic book character for the last time in 2017 film, titled Logan.

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