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9 Lesser-Known Gems Of Nature In KL And Selangor To Visit This Weekend


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The weekend has come along and you want to take a break from city life by diving into nature, but you don’t want to go to tourist spots where the chirping of birds is droned out by the shutter of cameras. Well, why not give these lesser-known gems of nature a try and you just might find your new favourite spot for a day out in the sun!

1. The Trails of Bukit Kiara
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“Hikers’ Paradise” Bukit Kiara is located in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur and is called so for its variety of trails. One of these trails is Kiara Hill Walk, which offers a challenging 5km hill loop. If you want a less challenging hike, try the 2km Bukit Kiara Trail which is only steep for the first 500 meters before it levels out. Take note not to smile at the monkeys you’ll see though, because baring your teeth is seen as a sign of aggression among monkeys!
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2. World of Phalaenopsis
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If you’d prefer a day not spent trekking through trees and on muddy trails, World of Phalaenopsis in Ulu Yam, Selangor is the place to go! World of Phalaenopsis offers the widest range of orchid colours with their blooming “moth orchids”, which range in size from large to mini. There’s even a café that overlooks a picturesque pond with lilypads covering its surface, making it perfect for afternoon tea after spending the morning amongst blooming orchids.
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3. Sungai Pisang Waterfall
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Sungai Pisang Waterfall is located at the end of a 45-minute hike. The refreshing waterfall is located in the town of Kampung Batu Dua Belas in Gombak, Selangor. What’s notable about visiting this waterfall is that the only way to reach Sungai Pisang Waterfall is to go through two big tunnels directly under Karak Highway. Surely a memorable trek!
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4. Taman Dusun Bandar (Urban Orchard Park)

Source: Time Out Kuala Lumpur

Taman Dusun Bandar is located along Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur, right behind Kuen Cheng High School. It’s still fairly new and unknown, so visitors are rare. The park features plenty of tropical fruit trees (hence the name!) and can even be rented for photo shoots or movie shoots.
Source: Time Out Kuala Lumpur


5. Taman Tugu Nursery
Source: Taman Tugu Project

Taman Tugu is also a fairly new park in Kuala Lumpur. It was originally going to be converted into a for-profit tourist attraction, but Khazanah decided to convert it into a public park so that the secondary forest contained within it would be protected. Taman Tugu is the main site of the Taman Tugu Project, a project that aims to conserve this 66-acre green-lung in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. You can even volunteer with them to do your part for the environment!
Source: Jom Kita Lari


6. Hutan Lipur Hulu Perdik
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Hutan Lipur Hulu Perdik is located in Hulu Langat, Selangor. While thrillseekers can try abseiling up the face of the waterfall, people looking for a calmer time can enjoy the serene quiet while trekking through the area (which features a bamboo forest along the way). Arriving at Perdik Waterfall at the end of the trail will make the 20 to 30-minute hike worthwhile!

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7. Sungai Tekala Recreational Forest
Source: Malaysia Traveller

Sungai Tekala Recreational Forest in Hulu Langat, Selangor is part of the Sungai Lalang Forest Reserve, which is also part of Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor. This forest is managed by the Forestry Department of Selangor and features a scenic river plus waterfalls that are easily accessible. Families can visit for a nice weekend picnic by the river where children can swim in its shallow waters, while nature enthusiasts can hike through its trails to study the different forest types and tree species. No matter what you want to do, Sungai Tekala Recreational Forest has it!
Source: Malaysia Traveller


8. Kuan Wellness Eco Park
Source: Gowhere

Kuan Wellness Eco Park is a bird’s nest ecology park located between Sepang Goldcoast and Morib Gold Coast. Its founders decided to open up one of their swiftlet farm buildings to educate the public on bird’s nest production. The park has plenty to offer; a bird’s nest exhibition hall, an eco cafe, a mini-farm (featuring many cute furry critters!), and even a bird’s nest gallery! Visiting the park will definitely be an educational and memorable experience!
Source: Kuan Wellness Eco Park’s Website


9. Kemensah Forest
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Kemensah Forest has a lot of names; some call it Kemensah Waterfall Trail, some just say Kemensah Waterfall, but no matter what name you call it by, Kemensah offers plenty for both newbie hikers and veterans alike! Located deep behind Zoo Negara, it also offers chalets near a waterfall for a break from city life or ATVs for rent if you prefer adventurous ways to spend your time.
Source: Pokok Kelapa

No matter which place you decide to go to, it’ll definitely be a nice break from the hustle and bustle of city life!


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