Passenger says he was not allowed to carry packed fish into metro station in Bengaluru

BMRCL says all kinds of meat are prohibited


A metro passenger took to social media on Thursday to complain after Namma Metro security personnel prevented him from carrying fish inside the metro station.

In his tweet, the passenger Pavan Kumar said, “I bought fish and was going home. But I was stopped at the metro entrance. Why is non-veg food banned in the metro? What is so wrong about carrying fish back home in the metro? I was never this embarrassed, it is a non-religious place, why this partiality?”

In its response to the post, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) said that all kinds of meat was prohibited. “However, if it’s properly packed and nothing is oozing out from the pack material and not emitting any foul smell, it is permitted,” the corporation said.

The incident and the BMRLC’s stand have sparked debate, especially after Mr. Kumar replied that he was denied permission to carry the fish even though it was properly sealed and packed.

Activist Leo Saldhanha in his tweet said, “Come on, Mosaranna (curd rice) also stinks. Now you are going to target people by what they eat. Stop targeting people by what they eat.”

However, others supported the move. Another Twitter user said: “You must realize that it is meant for general public and travelling in a pressurised air conditioned cabin. Foul smell may emanate because of the crowd and low air circulation. This may cause discomfort to fellow passengers.”