Melbourne’s Evan Evagora on his role as Elnor in Star Trek Picard


Let's hear it for a local!

Melbourne actor Evan Evagora has spoken to TrekCore about his role as the Romulan Elnor on Star Trek Picard.

“I grew up watching the Original Series movies, and some of Next Generation,” Evagora said of his connection to Trek. “My oldest memory… is actually The Search for Spock, but my favorite episode, only just because I watched it the other day – and because I finally got to meet [Jonathan Del Arco] – I’d say is ‘I, Borg,’ just to see where Hugh’s come from; otherwise, ‘Tapestry.’”

In Picard, Evagora’s Elnor is the lone male amongst a Romulan Warrior Nun sect (no, really) called the Qowat Milat. The actor said his upbringing prepared him quite well for the part.

“I’ve got like five sisters and my mother — I’m the youngest as well — so I know exactly what it’s like living with a household of women! It’s very much a matriarchy in my household,” he told TrekCore.

The character of Elnor also features quite heavily in the recently-release tie-in novel, Star Trek: Picard – The Last Best Hope. We here at Stevivor consider it recommended reading.

Evagora’s first appearance on Star Trek Picard is in episode 4, “Absolute Candor”. The episode is available now in the US and Canada via CBS All Access and Crave. Australians (and everyone else) should gain access to it at 10.00 am AEDT today.