PM Netanyahu and US President Trump (Reuters)

PM Netanyahu: March elections will decide whether we utilize or miss historic opportunity

PM Netanyahu promises: 'Israeli law will be applied in Judea, Samaria, and there won't be a Palestinian terror state.'


"The 'deal of the century' presented by US President Donald Trump offers Israel a historic opportunity which will not return: To preserve and protect our country, to define our borders, to ensure our future," Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wrote in a special op-ed for Israel Hayom. "We must do everything in order to utilize this opportunity and not miss it."

"Since the plan was published approximately two weeks ago, many incorrect details have been published about it in the media. Here are some facts to correct the mistakes:

"Claim number 1: Trump's peace plan will not lead to the application of Israeli sovereignty over the Jewish communities and towns in Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley.

"Fact: It will! For the first time since the State's founding, the deal of the century will grant US recognition to our sovereignty over these areas of our homeland. It's really the Zionist vision come true. As US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman explained, applying Israeli law to these areas requires the completion of the mapping by the joint US-Israeli committee. This is because we need to map a line 800 kilometers long, which will include the area over which Israeli sovereignty will be applied. We will complete this process as soon as possible.

"I reject the claim that President Trump will not keep his word. He promised that he would leave the Iran deal - and he kept his word. He promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - and he kept his word. He promised to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem - and he kept his word. He promised to recognize our sovereignty over the Golan Heights - and he kept his word. Also on the issue of sovereignty in our heartland, he will keep his word. Together with President Trump, I will apply Israeli law to all our towns in Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the northern Dead Sea area, and many other areas.

"Claim number 2: Trump's peace plan will create a Palestinian terror-supporting state.

"Fact: The plan does exactly the opposite. It places strict conditions on the Palestinians, in exchange for a future deal. Among others, the plan requires an existential change by Palestinian society, and that it become a democratic entity."