weight loss - reducing inflammatuion may be the key |

Your weight gain may be due to inflammation. But you can still lose weight by following our easy and safe tips.


You may be gaining weight not because you are a glutton but because you may have some underlying health condition. Sometimes, you may experience unexplained weight gain, which is also very difficult to get rid of. You can exercise and diet as much as you want. But this will hardly have any effect on your waist size. Your weight scale will still tip too much to the right. One reason for this may be inflammation. So, to achieve long-term weight loss, you need to first figure out if inflammation is behind your weight gain. Consult your doctor and he can help you with any underlying health conditions. This will help you lose weight too.

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Your body’s inflammatory marker in the blood, C-reactive protein (CRP), increases along with weight gain. This inflammation is the result of hormonal imbalances and metabolic disturbances. Levels of CRP remains high till you lose weight. Insulin resistance is also the result of inflammation. This give you diabetes and leads to fat deposits in the liver. Insulin resistance is a well-known cause of weight gain.


Bringing down your inflammation will help you lose weight and also maintain overall health. Moreover, when you lose weight, your inflammation will also go down. So, it is a ‘win, win’ situation all around. So let us see how you can reduce inflammation and lose weight.

Stay away from processed foods

These can irritate your stomach and make your inflammation worse. Moreover, most processed foods also contain chemicals and additives that are not good for health. These can also induce weight gain. So, it is best if you keep away from such foods if you want to lose weight.

Add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet

Many foods around you have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Choose to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals and omega-3 fatty acids. Add a lot of green leafy vegetables to your diet. Other good food choices are seasonal fruits, seeds an nuts and healthy fats.

Sleep well

You need to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night if you want to fight inflammation an achieve healthy weight loss. This will also improve your overall health and increase immunity.


You can easily get rid of low-grade inflammation with regular exercise. Cardio and yoga are great options. It will help you lose weight too. So start today and enjoy your weight loss.