Bikes seized in Levenmouth.

Successful blitz on anti-social behaviour in Levenmouth to continue for a second year

A crackdown on anti-social behaviour that cut calls to the police by 60% is to continue for a second year.


Funding has been secured for the project to tackle what had been a growing motorbike menace, underage drinking and a rise in the number of deliberately set fires in Levenmouth, where three prominent buildings were burned to the ground in 2018.

More diversionary activities for young people will be included this year in the hope of  tackling the root cause while maintaining the positive results .

Fife Council will split the £27,500 cost of the action with police to ensure the deployment of two officers dedicated solely to the partnership, which also involves the fire service, Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club and substance use support organisation Clued-Up, as well as Truth nightclub and Brag Enterprises.

Last year, 60 vehicles were seized and three formal warnings issued as part of the blitz, while 222 people were charged with anti-social behaviour offences in the area.

There was also a 61% drop in deliberate fire-raising, saving the taxpayer £250,000.

Councillors said they wanted to keep focusing on the issue to further reduce problems, particularly in the summer.

SNP councillor Ken Caldwell, vice convener of Levenmouth area committee, said the project had been well received by members of the public.

“We’re looking to develop a lot of things we talked about but didn’t have time or finances for,” he said.

“We’re extending it to include drug and alcohol issues and violence reduction in the area.”

Vice convener, Labour councillor Colin Davidson, said the initiative had been a gamble that had paid off.

“It’s worked out because we have come together and worked with different groups.

“I think this year the challenge for us will be to continue to work together in an innovative way that will see the underlying problems tackled.

“It’s not just about kids running about on motorbikes and anti-social behaviour, it’s about why it’s happening.”

Fife Council SNP leader David Alexander said it was vital the project continued, despite the positive results so far.

“They’re still on their bikes – nothing like as many but we hear them and we know they’re around,” he said.

“Anybody we missed last year, we’ll get this year. No doubt about it.”

Inspector Paul Gillespie, of Levenmouth police station, said anti-social behaviour had improved significantly.

“Part of this success is due to the ability to have two dedicated community police officers who focus solely on anti-social behaviour prevention and enforcement.

“The officers’ base posts are back-filled to ensure there is no diminution of service to the local community.”