Watch: Syrian air defenses confront Israeli missiles over Damascus


BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:25 A.M.) – The Syrian Armed Forces came under attack in southwestern Damascus last night when a number of missiles fired from the Israeli-occupied Jabal Sheikh (Mount Hermon) region.

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According to a military source near the scene of the attack, several missiles fired from occupied Jabal Sheikh targeted Al-Kisweh and its surrounding areas, causing a number of explosions that could be heard from the capital city.

The source said some of the missiles, which were said to have been fired from an Israeli aircraft, managed to hit their intended targets in southwestern Damascus, while others were intercepted by the Syrian air defenses.

There has been no comment on the total number of casualties as a result of this latest attack on southwestern Damascus; however, it is believed that some soldiers were wounded.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has yet to comment on the accusations from Damascus that they were culprits of last night’s attack.

Israel usually does not comment on these attacks, despite accusations from Russia and Syria.