Album Review: Necrowretch – The Ones From Hell

French diabolists Necrowretch send you Straight To Hell on pummelling fourth album


When it comes to chaotic, undiluted evil in musical form, French blackened thrash masters Necrowretch have, over the course of the past decade or so, managed to get their sonic blasphemy down to a fine art. This fourth long player is certainly no exception; it’s a grisly assault of riffs that should feature on Expert level of Guitar Hero, were an extreme metal version ever to be released.

While not a huge departure from their previous heresies, it’s still a diabolically enjoyable listen. The guitars sound absolutely enormous this time around, and this combined with some absolutely maniacal percussion and seemingly possessed singer Vlad’s bestial screams, make for a raw and primitive sound which is relentless.

With eight tracks crammed into less than 40 minutes, it leaves you with very little time to breathe or recover before the next breakneck-speed beating rains down upon you. But that’s a very good thing.

Verdict: 3/5