Reports: Glazers set final asking price for Manchester United ahead of potential sale


The Glazer family, the owners of Premier League giants Manchester United, have reportedly made it clear that they will only sell the club if they receive over £2billion, and only want to part ways with a 20-per-cent stake.

It is the Daily Mail who claims that corporate financiers who have dealt with Manchester United, have informed them that the Glazers, who prize the club as one of the few parts of their business empire that makes them money, would require a staggering offer of more than £2.4billion to sell.

The financiers also believe that only 20 people in the world have a high enough net worth to enter the bidding and that it would take the sovereign wealth of a Middle East state such as Saudi Arabia to buy the Americans out.

Fans have long called for a change of ownership of Manchester United due to their recent state of affairs including sub-par results and poorly conducted business during transfer windows, but the American family have been reluctant to sell their prized asset so far.

Back in 2005, they paid £790million for buying the club – and according to Daily Mail, they want to make an incredible profit if they were to sell.

The same report also suggests that they had held talks twice with Saudi Arabian consortiums, but no decision on any potential sale has been made so far.