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New hack allows you to see the first thing you ever watched on Netflix

Netflix has become a staple of many people's homes as the streaming giant goes from strength to strength - but what did you first watch on it?


We all love a good bit of unwinding and watching something binge-worthy on Netflix.

The streaming giant has only continued to grow and grow in recent years and even has been offering up original films and series, some of which have gone on to be award-winning hits such as shows like House of Cards, The Crown, and Orange Is The New Black or films like Marriage Story and The Irishman.

However, now the Netflix UK and Ireland twitter account has shown us a quick hack on how to find out what was the first piece of content that you ever watched on Netflix in 4 easy steps.

They tweeted: "1) Log in on desktop

"2) Click “account” in the dropdown list
"3) Scroll down to “viewing activity”
"4) Either scroll down your list forever or just hit “download all”"

Then you can see what you first settled down to watch.

Naturally, users have been sharing their delight at using the hack.

One person tweeted: "I watched Love Actually quickly followed by Titanic so I don't think I was okay"

"Stranger Things: The Vanishing Of Will Byers," noted another.

Another wrote: "Power rangers spd . I'm not ashamed."

Stranger Things is one of Netflix's most popular shows(Image: Netflix)

However, some didn't need it: "Already know it was orange is the new black - got netflix to watch it and never looked back"

A different user wrote: "24 and I watched the whole lot in my free trial month"

Finally, one needed more information than this: "I had Netflix when you used to send DVDs"

Have a try and find out for yourself!

What was the first thing you ever watched on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.