Valentine's Day Poem

Valentine's Day Poem


Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

By Rich K.

My heart pants for your presence
My eyes weep for your beauty
They search for it in every face they see
But wait, that's not you... it's an ugly person!
This whole damn world is ugly next to you!

You're my Number One. No one else is even close.
You're my entire Top Ten. You're my Beatles.
You're John, Paul, George and two Ringos!
You're even "1" better than the Beatles!

You are especially "specially" I can tell
You're the Batman, Superman and Aquaman as well

You're the very best Edhat articicle
You're even its smallest past participle!

You're the Cola sweetenin' my shot of Jim Beam
You're the strawberry swirlin' deep within my cream

You're the joke that's plastered all across my meme
You're the "Be right back" one I pine for in between

You're the "you" inside my sweetest dreamiest dream
You're the star player on my winning top team

You're the "try, try again" after every failed scheme
You're the shine on my diamonds making them gleam

You're the melody AND the harmony of my musical theme
And you're all three flavors of Neapolitan ice cream!

You're the powerful paddle when I'm canoeing upstream
You're the calm when I'm freakin' out to the extreme

You're the hug when all I want to do is scream
You're the fire inside me when I'm all out of steam

You're the answer to my darkness, my sunny sunbeam
You're in my every thought and want, or so it would always seem

And you're the Harpist tenderly caressing my lonely heart strings