Quilt queens: Textile artists Kathy Brennand, Tracey Bareli and Dorothy Cowcher displaying their work at Esperance Community Arts space. Photo: Supplied.

Arts Out There: New exhibition to celebrate talented textile artists


Thanks to the enthusiasm of Gibson Fire Shed Quilters Tracey Bareli and Rhonda Gill, Esperance Community Arts Space will soon be providing a new exhibition area dedicated to textile and fibre art. We are excited to be able to promote the work of the many textile artists in our region this way.

Textile art covers a diverse range of artforms that use plant, animal or synthetic fibre to create artwork. While the use of textiles has been around for a very long time the methods and materials and the ways in which they are used has changed a lot over the years.

Common types of artworks covered by textile art includes embroidery, spinning, knitting, weaving, crochet and sewing but there is so much more. Textile art is also dyeing, printing and pattern, lace making, tailoring, quilting and pleating, all types of carpets, rugs and loom work.

Until now there have been few opportunities for textile artists in this region to showcase their work and make it accessible for the community to appreciate and enjoy. People often work alone and while family and friends may get to enjoy some of the artwork, all too often these beautiful creations are stored away.

Anyone working with textiles can submit an expression of interest to display their work in our exhibition area. Selected works will be on display for a four week period. More details will be made available in the coming weeks.

Textile artists may also be interested in an upcoming workshop by visiting teacher Gloria Loughman. The 'Distinctive Doorways' workshop will run on February 24 and 25 at the Deep Sea Angling Club, $50 per student per day. Visit Loughman's website to find out more about the workshop: Contact Rhonda Gill on 0429 493 692 for more details about the Esperance workshops.

For more information contact Esperance Community Arts on 9072 1158, visit 67 Dempster street or