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Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston Reunite For Thanksgiving Nearly 2 Years After Split


Justin Theroux threw the ultimate ‘Friends-giving.’ He and his ex, Jennifer Aniston, reunited at a Thanksgiving celebration that included stars like Courteney Cox, Jason Bateman, and Will Arnett.

“Very VERY thankful for these friends and these nights,” Justin Theroux, 48, captioned the epic Thanksgiving selfie he uploaded to his Instagram Story on Nov. 28. In the picture, the Leftovers star posed with a pair of Friends – his ex, Jennifer Aniston, 50, and her BFF, Courteney Cox, 55 – a couple of Bluths – Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman, 50, and Will Arnett, 49, — and a late-night host (Jimmy Kimmel, 52.) The selfie was more stuffed than the turkey, and while Justin tagged the photo “#fakesgiving,” the love everyone had during the holiday was evidentially real.

“Fakesgiving,” as it turns out, is Jen’s yearly tradition of inviting her friends over for a big meal one day before Thanksgiving. And, no “Fakesgiving” would be complete without some family squabbles. In one video uploaded to his IG Story, Justin captioned Courteney giving her best friend a heartfelt toast. “Jen, I love you so much,” Courteney starts before looking up. “Justin, please stop filming me,” she says, before giving her best Monica Geller “OH COME ON” to Jen’s ex. Other IG stories showed Will giving Jason a hug and, from the looks of it, a Thanksgiving kiss? Another picture showed Jason passed out on the couch. “Tryptophan is real,” wrote Justin.

While two exes spending Thanksgiving together two years after they broke up would typically be a big deal, for Jen and Justin, it was just another holiday. The couple – who began dating in 2011, were married in 2015, separated in 2017, and finalized their divorce in 2019 – have remained close, despite their breakup. They’ve sent heartfelt messages to each other on social media. They were there for each other when a beloved pet passed away. And, now, they spent “Friendsgiving” together.

Speaking of which, over on Jen’s Instagram account, the Morning Show star shared a gallery of her making…Mexican food? Actually, it was all a big prank on Jimmy Kimmel. During a 2018 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host criticized Jen’s “Friendsgiving” menu. “On Thanksgiving, I cook a lot of stuff. The normal turkey, yams, sweet potatoes, the whole deal. But at your event, we have all of those things. So then, I’m making the same thing everyone had the night before, again. So, in essence, you’ve turned my meal into leftovers,” complained Jimmy.

In turn, he suggested that Jen make Mexican food instead, just to change up the pace (and to make his Thanksgiving meal seem more special.) A year later, Jennifer took his advice. “Ok, @jimmykimmel… here are your f*%king Friendsgiving enchiladas,” she captioned the IG pic. As it turns out, she might have made a brand new tradition, because Courtney chimed in. ”I will say Jen…I loved that f*%king enchilada.”